AQS, Inc. is an independent acquisition company specializing in licensing free TV and pay TV programmes, and cinema and video distribution within Central and Eastern Europe, mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. AQS, Inc. was founded in 1998 and since then a strong acquisition and distribution group evolved around it including its divisions: BIOSCOP, MAGIC BOX and MAGIC BOX SLOVAKIA. BIOSCOP division is in charge of cinema distribution of Czech and independent films which MAGIC BOX division then releases on DVD and BD. MAGIC BOX is the exclusive distributor of the PARAMOUNT, WARNER BROS and DISNEY studios. For Slovakia an independent division MAGIC BOX SLOVAKIA, Inc. was founded. It is in charge of the same task as BIOSCOP and MAGIC BOX for the Slovakian territory. Besides introducing Czech and independent films in cinemas and the video distribution the company specializes also in licensing of VOD, pay TV, free TV rights for the Czech and Slovak republics and other territories of the central and eastern Europe. Over the 15 years of its existence, AQS, Inc. has built a reputation of steady business partner and has hundreds of films at its disposition.


  • 1998AQS, Inc. is founded
  • 1999AQS, Inc. takes over all acquisitions for its client TV Nova
  • 2000AQS, Inc. becomes the exclusive acquisitions representative of its client TV Prima - Magic Box, Inc. is founded as an AQS, Inc. subsidiary (home entertainment distribution – video, DVD)
  • 2001BIOSCOP is founded as an AQS, Inc. subsidiary (cinema distribution) - AQS, Inc. becomes the exclusive acquisitions representative of its client TV JOJ (Slovakia)
  • 2002MAGIC BOX SLOVAKIA, Inc. is founded as an AQS, Inc. subsidiary - licensing acquired programmes for metropolitan TV (TV Praha, TV Hradec)
  • 2003first multi-territorial deals
  • 2004AQS, Inc. organizes the sale of Czech films and TV Nova programmes abroad
  • 2005multi-territorial deals: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and ex-Yugoslav countries - in December 2005 MAGIC BOX, Inc. becomes the exclusive distributor of Paramount Home Entertainment International films on DVD and later BD for the Czech republic and Slovakia
  • 2006AQS, Inc. begins the video distribution of Warner Bros Studios
  • 2007AQS, Inc. and BIOSCOP, Inc. merger - finishing production of the I served the King of England film directed by Jiří Menzel
  • 2008
    - 2009
    AQS, Inc. consolidates its position as a major cinema and video distributor of Czech films (I served the King of England, Bestiarium, Frankie, the Womanizer, Of Parents and Children, Tobruk, Bobule, 2 Bobule, It is Hell with the Princess, Unknown Hour, Janosik: A True Story and others)
  • 2010in May 2010 MAGIC BOX, Inc. expands its offer to include The Walt Disney Company films
  • 2011finishing production of the Lidice movie directed by Petr Nikolajev
  • 2012AQS, Inc. and MAGIC BOX, Inc. merger


  • AQS, Inc. has been successfully participating on Czech films production.
  • 2004AQS participated on the making of Dirty Soul directed by Milan Cieslar
  • 2005cooperation with TV Nova and Česká produkční on a comedy by Filip Renč From Subway with Love
  • 2006production of Virginity Sucks film directed by Ivo Macharáček
  • 2007production of the I served the King of England film directed by Jiří Menzel is licensed in the Central and Eastern European countries. AQS, Inc. along with Bavaria Film International sells the rights to the film to the whole world. It had great success on the international film festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Sofia, Sydney, Istanbul, Lisbon etc. In Czech Republic the film received 11 nominations and is awarded 4 Czech Lion awards including the category Best director, and Best film. I served the King of England participated on the prestigious Berlinale and was awarded the FIPRESCI Award
  • 2011coproduction of the film Lidice